fri / today i said the world is a sinister place / d says she wants the man in her head / mm says that chicken wings are fradulent & just wrong

i was late to pick up abraham smith at the airport today because his plane was early & i was not, as per typical. we lunched at el minudo--margaritas at noon. i then went to get my haircut. i then went to trader joes & bought 9 bottles of wine for my going away party tomorrow. i then went to mms to clean. d. came soon after. we cleaned & drank a lil. somewhere over the rainbow. edith piaf. our triumvirate was rightly depressed. three depressed women. yes. depressed. it can happen. we pulled out of it when d. got an email that she received the 'golden humanism' award from med school, meaning her med school peers nominated her for the highest award in humanity in all the folks of her year in med school. more afternoon wine dranking. toasts. rocco's pizza. back depressed. mm drank a bottle of wine by herself. :) d & i grabbed fresh clothes & went to ches to meet abe & brent. fun. somehow decided i'd be a great candidate to take over george's job as barback when he leaves for san diego. tina told jim. i told jim. jim laughed a lil. but im quite serious. we'll see. i have the summer away of course firstly. saw larry whom i love. had fun w/ my people. abe smith is just wonderful as always. home now. tomorrow is my going away party. bunches of cheers & wonderul people whom i call such lovely friends. i really dont like mankind. not womenkind. mankind.