mon / fresh week / just getting home from a [lovely] date

last nite i painted my toes red & made some tom kai guy soup. i thought it was amazing. didnt know it was amazing til i took some to mms today after class & she said it was amazing! i mustve been a chef in a past life.

dressed up today. went to class & took up final essays. the class all said 'ms taylor you look pretty tonite...' & i said 'well i have a date...' & one wise ass said 'who's the lucky grl?' & everyone laughed, myself included. i said 'you all think youre a bunch of jokesters dont you...' & then told them to get out & go have some fun. on the way out i gotta bunch of high fives & from the wise ass who made the comment: 'ms taylor you are the best teacher ever.' it's always this time in the semester im gonna miss my students most. they're pretty funny, all of them.

i did have a lovely date--sushi & nice wine, nice talk. now to shower & sleep & early rise to get my car serviced & two looooong classes, grading at mms.