sat / recovery day / life-magic

so yes well that derby didnt go the way i wanted it to, but animal kingdom is a fine looking horse & im glad he pulled it off. calvin borel, you're still my favorite--the horse was late on the rail, your magic inlet of scoot past the field, & perhaps didnt have the gas necessary. bygones. was a good 137th running.


thurs: class. eat. class. this heat is something else already, i must water, water the yard plants w/ gusto. to mms for cinco de mayo toast & dinner. rosa bordello lights & lots of laughter. my insides feel happy.

fri: up early. house-being. water. to a's: horse talk & im of the horse. pick up a & go to the pool. lil tredding. lil bee that bit the hell out of my arm. to mms for home remedy of baking soda paste & wine. shower up. dinner at casa vincente w/ a. to ches to meet d, c, l, s--the med school posse. to other bars. home late & backyard talkings.

today: up late. clean the house spotless. derby. late lunch at el minudo w/ d. shower up. movie w/ the grls: water for elephants. i want an elephant. and magical love bordering on fantasy.

writing time. blessings.