tues / bridgetown / sitting here with my mama

im home...yes! yesterday was a long day of traveling w/ laura & me two lalas, & it feels good to be in the south again. dirty hot humidity. dirty south.

up today after sufficient rest, coffee, & lounging & to town for my license renewal (gotta do these things round 30 yrs old unfortunately) so i had my hair all curled up & my face on, & still the new photo looks kind of busted. it's the light. it's the cheap camera. i dont know. anyways, mama & i ran to wal-mart for supplies for my long trek to key west on thurs. then to carter's for some fried chicken, etc. home & to the barn: stall cleaning, horse brushing, carrot, loving on my skinny old grandma sissy whom i love forever though she's now 30 & she's so frail looking. bless. home to hang out w/ mama & daddy.

up early tomorrow to go into to town to meet up w/ sean-diggity & his angie, & then have lunch w/ granny & papa before taking off to amelia island for the nite. hopefully tapas w/ cheenie. then off to the keys early thurs. yip!