wed nite / ive had zero stress today it's been lovely

when i was a grl i had a love affair w/ ronas ryon. all i did was sleep, breathe, dream, live for quarter horses. ronas ryon was tops for me. i wrote granada farms' general manager, jimmy eller, declaring my love for his 'little rona.' he actually wrote me back & was the sweetest. it was huge. ronas ryon died when i was in high school & i cried, still carry the horse with me. one day, when i have enough to buy my ranch heading into sonoita on the grasslands desert, i will buy a grand-daughter of RR. it's the plan.


today i was 'stoned' as mm called it. stoned on the meds trying to get rid of this cough.

went thrifting a bit today, got some beautifully patterned china plates. the kind anthropologie would roll over for or charge 200 a plate.

had dinner w/ me grls. was supposed to run around tonite w/ a. but i am so lazy. it's a cough couch & pjs nite.