wed / pretty day / pretty rough one too

my car had to spend last night & tonite getting repairs that are too expensive to even say here. i had a meltdown. pretty much decided i cant adjunct any more--back to the bar for me. it's looking like i might have a job at sloppy joes this summer. that's good news for my bank account.

i ordered laura & my tickets home on the 30th. excited she's coming out here to hang out w/ me on her birthday & to help me home w/ two lalas.

i also got called a bitch today. that's always lovely.

ms mara vahratian, one of my most favorite poets, came through for me today. she's the best, my mija of the highest accord who i'll love for eternity.

i have tomorrow, monday, & tuesday left of the semester. lots of grading to do. lots & lots. then it's summer. a positive note!

i heart my mama & daddy for always seeing me through, breakdowns & all.