thurs / 2 weeks in key west / sad sad sad day

because my ms grita had to go back to the doctor today.

this time i drove over to stock island to All Animal Clinic [] & couldnt be any happier w/ the staff & vets there.

the sad part is i had to leave grita overnight for testing/urinanalysis, etc. i cried like hell in the office. i cried for prob 30 minutes after leaving her. i called mama & cried. but at least these vets will really figure out what's going on & they love her & don't think she's fat at all. their website explains everything--you can tell they're loving & devoted to their animal/people clients. this really, really matters to me.

right now i'm lying on the couch w/ sasstrid. she's confused but happy to be getting all my loving.

i'll keep ya'll posted on grita. please send prayers to key west for ms grita to feel better.