tues / up early w/ the grlbears / grita had to go to emergency vet clinic last nite round 11pm

where the vet, a hag named dr. bump proceeded to tell me ms grita is too fat & she's going to live a shortened life because of her weight.

strike one. bump is rude from the get-go--not just rude, shockingly rude. dont hold emergency hours at your clinic & charge $200 for the service of showing up if you're going to be a major bitch. it's bad for business.

strike two is demanding $300 without telling me what you think is wrong w/ my cat. plus you're giving her an iv...does she really need an iv for frequent urination when you just said she's not dehydrated?

strike three is me calling dr. bump out on her rudeness when she tells me 'well i shouldve just charged you $700 for XRays you dont need--as if she's being nice or something in charging me $300 for 7 1/2 minutes of her time sans any kind of real diagnosis or care--& i quickly told her that her kind demeanor is what gives all people in the medical field a bad rep--that they fail to recognize or simply do not care that are tending a family member, etc. which bump takes great offense to, which i say 'then you should work on your professionalism & personality skills.'

grita seems okay today. so many vets in this world are bad.