tues / yesterday i was clumsy

[whitewash cant exactly tell whats what]

yesterday i shopped & found the deal of the year a gray wool blazer w/ silk pinstripe lining for 70% off. got it. laid out & swam in ocean. dined. pinot grig in honor of mm. got hungry later & fried up some chicken.

then, when im heading out to backyard luxury w/ laptop in one hand/arm & my wine in the other, i fall down stairs real hard, bite the ground hard w/ left knee in attempt to save comp. wine goes everywhere. my comp worked right away & then ceased living. my knee swole up golfball-baseball sized & immed blue. put fan on dead comp (lil wine spillage perhaps). talked to rouch & to d. drinkin too much wine b/c of knee-pain. tried to turn comp on 100+ times. bed at 2am buzzed & stressed, gigantic knee.

today i get to be lazy. there's a light drizzle, overcast, chinese food on the way. knee looks better but hurts to bend. majestically my comp turned on today & is perfecto. & so im honoring gods by writing away today.