wed / just talked on the telephone to my granny / am still full hours later from big BIG spanish dinner

yeah i ate too much.

got on me bike & rode over to santiago's bodega by 530 to get in on the happy hour specials. started off w/ red sangria & a plate of mussels & good thing i love garlic. mini loaf of sourdough to soak up all that garlic wine juiciness. had a cup of lobster/shrimp bisque--delicious--best in key west. then i had a glass of rioja & a lil beef tenderloin w/ gruyere. like i said i ate too much. that was lunch & dinner though & i was celebrating finishing the interview.

my package arrived today & was delivered to an empty house down the street meaning my ars had to carry a 50 pound mega box down the street in my pjs no less.

i talked to ms annie! yeah!

right about now im going to write. i heart key west.