sat / last nite in KW

last thurs in KW / beach time & now bookstore/gym / project runway premiere tonite

wed / this my grita my fat grl cat possum bear / deal of the years

tues / wishing i could be on the show 'texas women' / one grl calls another & says we're bucking bulls tomorrow if you wanna git on one

mon / lockout over / we officially have football. enough said.

sun. grita curl / hot hot beach day / why do our voices change / everything does / reckon / sunset over my Key / tea time

bless em. 2011 has a new papa.

fri / Hem Round dos / Blue Heaven

fri / shopping all day, whut / pics of happenings

thurs / grita home / eat eat eat / Hemingway Round 1 / & yes again the ole Conch Rep

guess where we had dinner? yep, the ole conch rep.

wed / early / grita surgery / house in the middle of petronia / half rainbow / summer morning rain

i very rarely blog ab fashion but im seriously loving these caftans & tunics from two new york

mon / if annie were here we'd be batchin' it up / day 5 cleanse / granny & papa's 54th wed anniversary fish fry tonite / my new gym is a bookstore too

sat / im on a cleanse. nothing but food and poetry you see.

what i got for myself for my 30th birthday

today is thursday the 14th. annie left out this morning. last nite we had ourselves a lil fun.

wed / annie's last day :(

tues / beach bums / grilling out / caaaat man

sat / beach / sun / bahia honda

fri / fun fun fun friday

sat / rockin out w/ my G

offic older / tin roof subtropic rain / annie is still 8 hrs from seeing the keys sad face / i like muumuu house like i like the new jersey housewives

30 / if it dont make you look like a drag queen put it back on the rack

wed / it's my birthday / it's frieda's too / makes sense