offic older / tin roof subtropic rain / annie is still 8 hrs from seeing the keys sad face / i like muumuu house like i like the new jersey housewives

g likes rock n roll. we rocked out this morning to the boss. dancing in the dark. the one where courtney cox jumps on the stage at the end of the video. lyla is into intense head nodding to rock. auntie too!

new friend 'holly so slightly' says i 'could' or 'i want to' chip your tooth. i say you wont make it out of this bar. mandy narrows her eyes the way she does & says 'you won't.'

annie missed her flite due to delay out of boston & is stuck in ft lau. boo. it's raining here now for two days straight. stopped yesterday for an hour. we rode bikes to the aquarium. huge sharks & sting rays.

i love america. how where an 18 yr old kid can become a 'serious writer' just because he's 'depressive' & 'fun' & masturbates on the web whilst reading something reallllly indie-cool & is friends w/ someone who i reckon is deemed a 'groundbreaking' or 'movt making' kind of writer. i dont know though, i never read any of his work. i sometimes enjoy reading html giant. this morning i did. you know, seeing writers waste time worrying what some kid is doing in some video for shock value when they should be writing groundbreaking literature. i should be writing. i like groundbreaking literature. also i like teresa from the nj housewives a lot. how she's on the ny times bestseller list for her cookbook. how she flips tables when angry & wears a whole bunch of pink faux fur & is very catholic & hail mary & when she invited her brother to her ny times bestselling signing on facebook (unacceptable medium) it prompted her brother to call her garbage & then teresa's husband joe fought w/ teresa's brother joe on live tv in front of a lot of children & the brother says to the old & ill father when shamed--'but you're my faaaaaaather...' it was brilliant. i love to paint my toes when watching the nj housewives. i should be writing or eating. it rains.