mon / lockout over / we officially have football. enough said.

early afternoon chatter:

me: i get so f-ing sick of espn. does anyone really think 4 would play backup for vick? the whole favre watch and sarcasm pisses me off.

abe s: take a tip from me, 4 - stay up on that john deere - keep cuttin grass with big ass tractor - you really glowd all volcano cherry red, brettlee, but nows the time to ember yer way on inta hall o' fame eternityyyyyyy

me: yes. he's knows he's f-ed up his image royally--why the hell would he ever let himself become even more a joke by being a backup eagle? ridic.

me: the media like to use him as a tool for humor--i do not think it's funny. i have a good mind to write an email these jackals on espn

as: i am guessing hee can only take so many of deanna's bible verses magneted to the fridge - and summer gets him fidgetin just like a horse smellin new pasture

as: agreed. espn - enormous stupid panderin nonsense

me: rodgers did right criticizing these fools. id rather john berryman myself off a high one than watch those idiots on pardon our interruption.

as: amen amen - here - here

me: bible verses on the fridge ha ha

as: stick to the psalms deanna - stick to the hooters in hattiesburg brett

me: yeppp. at least i got to see him play live once. they didnt win, but he was still godly then. life changing experience. thanks, daddy zach taylor.

as: there we have it - gracias papa. brett's spiral was a bath in infinity's waters.

me: lockout over. just announced. we have football!

as: donald driver for president of the universe!