sat / huge big ole storm in the Keys / tropical rain / the laundromat will not be 122 degrees / yeeeee!

i reblogged this from laura. crystal lake! south georgia's clear blue mystical riviera--yes, okay, redneck riviera. mama used to pack up the car & take me & mandy when we were wee grls. friday the 13th was filmed there. it made oddness of a clear blue lake in south Ga even more odd & wonderful & yes fearful in a way. i had no idea it had dried up though. i had no idea there were strange & scary myths until i read LL's blog about underwater caves & good folks drowning there & the lake getting sucked under its very self. whatev the case, i love crystal lake, dried up or not. am going to get LL to visit it w/ me in August! it's a cruel cruel summer!--LOVE IT!