sat / im on a cleanse. nothing but food and poetry you see.

happy sat folks. it's hot in key west. my skin is much too much dark after rouch & annie's visit so i stay in today. cool hand luke on the telly, poems in me-brain.

i'm happy to say after three vets i finally know wtf is wrong w/ missus grita, a.k.a. soulgee. my girl still wasn't feeling well so i took her back to the clinic. the 3rd vet did a lil x-ray & two minutes later was showing me 10 or more stones in my girl's bladder. grita was misdiagnosed twice--around $600 tossed at issues that were simply wrong. yes i'm unhappy about this. grita has surgery on wednesday to get the stones removed. one happy thing is at least i know what's wrong now & can just get the damn thing taken care of. i hate not knowing what's what & seeing her still suffer. prayers for me lala por favor. love.


it's hitting me full force i have only two weeks left in me conch casita #3 on elizabeth street. here's the little chair on the front porch, i covered it w/ an old quilt from home. i write here sometimes of a night, take the quilt to the beach by day. granny, papa, aunt vicki, & my thomas come on sunday eve. i will visit with family, fish w/ thomas off the marina dock, eat well. mama & daddy & rest o' fam come on wed nite-sun morning. we are gonna have some fun yeh.


here's me & sasstrid. sasstrid does not cleanse. i do not erase coffee or mojo sauce from cleanse. today i make chicken tacos for lunch--im stuffing the hell out of a corn tortilla then dropping that sucker into grease--desert-style. fry the whole thing. im cleansing alcohol (rioja!) for awhile, not fried food. i am exercising though. sasstrid is not exercising. she mans the couch.

i went to see tree of life last nite. thought of walking out at least 27 times but ive never done that kind of thing before, so i stayed. you best be ready for heavy metaphoric/rhetorical activity should you see this film. film got a D+ at best in my book.