tues / wishing i could be on the show 'texas women' / one grl calls another & says we're bucking bulls tomorrow if you wanna git on one

and then they cheers & say 'may they buck awesome.' one of the gals is a barrel racer. makes me wish i had a pony w/ some run/turn in him.


yesterday i was at the gym forever b/c i knew that i would be eating a big ass steak dinner at granny's. my gym is a bookstore. they let me take whatev mag/book off the shelves to look at while im on the bike or elliptical. i grabbed a recent issue of subtropics, the u of f's lit journal. welllll, i was a-sweatin & not enjoying subtropics until i got to this poem by brent newsom which i like b/c i think the psychology is true & newsom presents w/ surface ease which seems befitting. the lake is always exploding.

Pfc. Mason Buxton Wets a Hook

All warfare is based on deception.
-Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Whether you're wiping out a phantom weapons cache
or planting homemade bombs in cardboard boxes,
trash cans, saddlebags, Sun Tzu was right:
the lie lies dead at the heart of war. By it
we live and die. Theh art's in choosing lures.
(A shiner? Melon lizard? Chartreuse worm?)
That's part. But the naked truth won't nail a bass.
You hide the hook inside. Then drop the bait
between two cypress stumps, jig your rod
at five Mississip, crack open a cold one. Sip.
He bites, you set and reel--then watch the lake explode.


i want a macaroon.

a light green one.