tues / i got 10 hrs of sleep & i got up at 10am / getting stuff done tues

horse/dog time makes me most happy

sun / i love sunday tucson

fri / thank god / packers game on the telly / i got about 4 inches cut off my hair

tucson late afternoon trash & dirt blowing everywhere, a monsoon that couldn't come yet double rainbow & trains always trains. it's that time of year

wed / comatose / it's too hot to believe (& that's the first time i've said that all summer...)

tues / just got back from a show

mon / all i needed was some bad tv

sun / resistance is futile

sat / after nite of a queen's sleep / dubtree pool / relaxation / tumamoc / thai / gelato / fun w/ d.

thurs / im in the midst of adjunct orientation hell

breaking news! shrimp & mojo goes desert. i got a job.

tues / this me gremlin

sun / morning of yard work / picked up my noah saterstrom work-a-days / dropped mama off at tucson international :( / & am now couching it, oh yes

sat / sonoita-elgin

Tucson / day two

Tucson / morning one

tues / bridgetown in transit to beach today / tucson tomorrow / i might have rabies

fri / pics around Bridgetown / summertime

august bridgetown pics

hallo august / just cut my bangs real short / bout to feed horses / head down the dirt road to mrs emily's / fried chicken & dumplins for dinner