mon / all i needed was some bad tv

[i refer to this photo as poet in academia; i refer to this as laura little is a unicorn as a girl with a healer's hands; i refer to the sundown on the stones, tide jerk her belly back homeward; i refer i put my feet there not long ago; see yield, refer to the day; i confer that's a unicorn hanging on my wall, may the horn always rival the bulls; i refer thinness, her motherless, her waist; refer, seek, she, the winter, it's ever-coming.


day une of classe today at the U. Biking from 22nd (20 mins) did see my whole dress sweated through. remedy. post-class i rode over to mms & chained my bike in her front yard which is like a mile from the U. i will not sweat through all of my clothes in this desert while dressed all orderly for my class. noooooo.

i had lunch w/ mm & dd & ana who have been studying for like 10 hrs a day for their end of the third year med school test. then i did business stuff when i wanted a nap. then i went to the gym when i wanted a nap. then i got sushi when i wanted 3 fried chicken breasts & spicy mashed potatoes & biscuits from popeyes. life!