tues / bridgetown in transit to beach today / tucson tomorrow / i might have rabies

let's see. abraham smith visited bridgetown, aka country heaven. we went to granny's to a fish fry & planned our book over jura, islay scotch on the front porch, the frogs were truly loud.

mrs emily, the lil ole lady down the dirt road, had me get up a tree yesterday to get one of her feral kittens down that had somehow wedged itself in there real good with a foot that appeared to have been knawed on by a raccoon. the lil sucker bit my finger up real nice. had to take him to town to the vet. he had maggots in his lil eaten up foot & his pelvis was broken. they had to put him down. me & mama both cried for hours. anyways. i could have rabies, should know by tomorrow. my finger is humongous. so i got another tetanus & some antibiotics & stuff.

sean & i ate at danny's for lunch. i have the cat cave just now constructed in the car. mama & i drive to the beach to stay tonite, fly out to the desert tomorrow. stoked. have missed my peoples dearly.

i so hope i dont have rabies.