wed / comatose / it's too hot to believe (& that's the first time i've said that all summer...)

yeh it's 108 in tucson. chuck george just stated on kold that it's 10 above average. it feels like 124. bloody hell.

i like this illustration. it's called neon queen which is what i do not feel like at this moment but long to feel like. what better feeling than neon queen? i'd say different i imagine if i were trapped behind the bar...for sure i would.

officially done w/ teaching 3 different classes in 1 day. i taught 101 at the U, a 102 at Pima (80% past students so very really nice), & a 101 at Pima. wooooo. a bit tired.

i still want fried chicken meaning i'm going to the gym. no emotional eating, no emotional...ugh. i really want some chicken deep fried.