fri / la la la la / yo! it's friday & i'm grading away

hey max sympathy / if you're out there / im showing my adv poetry class your renegade chapbooks tonite

wed / roooough / rode horses / dd's going away dinner / dave's birthday tomorrow / granny coley's birthday today

tues / one class down / slight monsoon / cutting up at b-line

tuuuues / office hrs / planning / still grading

mon / three good classes / wee bit tired / news

sun / grade / red garter w/ sister mija mara v / poems packers / grade

sat / grading my life away / waffle house / transposed as prof in every corner of room, tucson, cafe, making dent in 80 essays in my possession / fall sets in slowly

fri / hi i feel alive today

wed / longest day of life

tues / office hrs / planning time / fried chicken

late mon / one last, a lullaby

mon / good day of classes / talked to mama / went on a longass run all over tucson listening to explosions in the sky / it's raw / dirt city

sun / ponies

sat / restful trip / safe passage / laze

fri / wheat of the mind / one largescale nap

thurs / just got back from the poetry center where thomas sayers ellis brought it

wed / straightaway work!

mon / class class class...the day got better & better / had a lovely nite

football sun / im laid out on the couch / much fun all weekend / d's bday party / go vikings

thurs / whut's up with my PACKERS? / 42-34

deanne's article over at truthdig

wed / killin it at the gym / will someone phone the u & tell them to fix my sitch cause im tiiired of waiting & everybody gettin it wrong / somebody

tues / grading marathon whut's up with that / gym where they aint but one cute thang / at least there's one / monkey

mon-sun it's labor day / overcast tus does that mean rain? / respite / dollar general / writing

sat / whitney came into town yesterday / various fun things happening

thurs / hallo september / yeah! yeah! / my fav month to say hi to / foooooooootball!