fri / wheat of the mind / one largescale nap

hard time gettin up this morn. tired. taught grammar/mla to my u of a students. was as interesting as i can make it running round barefoot the classroom at 10am. yes.

went to mms after class & sat in the garden & had tea. these monsoon rains have brought us a beautiful green desert & flowering.

went & picked up thomas from the poetry center & ran him out to tucson international. we're old friends. how's the day. lifelong friends just like that. i like people like this, you've know them forever somehow.

i did wrong & went to taco shop & got a humongous burrito. bad taco shop, bad. im pretty much comatosed.

reconnecting w/ jake who's only in town til tuesday. trying to sleep a lil. working tonite in the office w/ mm...& ive been told, puttanesca, which is always a good word on friday.