hey max sympathy / if you're out there / im showing my adv poetry class your renegade chapbooks tonite

i met max sympathy back in 2008 while bartending the ole lobby bar at Hotel Congress. he is/was a librarian in prescott if memory serves me & was in town on something business/library stuff at the u of a. he gave me two copies of his chapbook. i love them. he goes around to bookstores & slides them in the stacks. i love that. clarissa, last week in adv poetry, spoke of finding a poem in a tree. i love that too. i am thinking about different ways to avenue poetry into the world--love that max sympathy makes such beautiful home chaps & yes the work is reminiscent of Whitman aesthetic & is oftentimes just superb--& renegades them into your hands by proxy.

maxsympathy.net. send him love. poets need love.