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yo, it's good to be a PACKER. 27-17!

the bears are my least fav team in the league...stank bears.

me: kill the bears. killllllll. lovie smith & his one note expression is going down.

abe: lorrrdyyyyyyy
mother effer
i am flying to chicago right
put me in the game

i am on a flite to chicago
meet me in the air honey
bring tequila

me: yo!

abe: welll shit
mega sloppy
a limpin hopefully win

me: go pack go!

abe: phewy yesssssssssssss

me: yessss!


me: Yessssssssssssss Packers yes!

These poor Vikings though.

abe: Vikings didn't eat their porridge this year honey

me: they shoulda let the rook play over mcnabby

abe: adroit call by regal desert you correcto honey