wed / killin it at the gym / will someone phone the u & tell them to fix my sitch cause im tiiired of waiting & everybody gettin it wrong / somebody

tell this man "jax" from 'sons of anarchy' that he is something else. by something else i mean oh yeh & then why is it that i only like "outlaw" type men characters in film tv writing & of course my real life. gimme a tim riggins "texas forever," gimme timothy oliphant from justified, among others you know, etc. what is my deal?

anyway the "sons of anarchy" season 4 premiere was so darn good. tues nite will be a good nite.

packers & poetry tomorrow. abe the morbid joker took the liberty of signing my name/address for the packers annual catalog which arrived today & suddenly i need a #12 jersey, shower curtain, lyla needs a packers cheerleader outfit, coffee mug, etc. too much.