wed / straightaway work!

last nite annie & i went to two targets & i got some missoni stuff for my g-bear because im the best auntie in the world...but yall know that by now, yes? cute lil crochet looking bright missoni sweater. g will like it.

up! tired this morning...but i must say i had a good class at the u this morning, cept i need class time to be longer than 50 mins. im used to an hour & a 1/2 & 50 min is just not long enough. i can barely get my mouth open & going & 50 mins is gone. mm is back in town. yay! had lunch w/ her & then jetted to pima nw.

two really really good classes. i love my nw students. they make teaching so much fun. def blessed this semester. i hit another target on my way home & lots of goods were still there. i pulled through a chik-fil-a & wanted the whole menu. i didnt. i talked to daddy, mama, & mandy in succession which almost never happens. hit the gym & now im just straight chillin.

im taking my adv poetry class to see thomas sayers ellis tomorrow at the poetry center. stoked. mara & i are going to have dinner tomorrow beforehand. life is pretty good, yall.