mon / happy halloween ya'll / day went ouch it's morning, then gluck, oates, sedaris / marana to ride new gray pony at ralph's / must get ready to go out now!

football sun / the Pack are off / Athens, Ga get ready!

faulkner / tenn / hem / patti smith

fri / note to Pete Dexter: Uncle JH can put as many girl bottoms in a narrative as he wants / he would intrinsically not be JH without these beloved gestures / plus, as you say, he can do whatever the hell he wants / he's earned it

thurs / who you are, who you are not / notes towards reconciling one's self in the big ole / grading

wed / one long wedded to the grindstone / pandemic sleeplessness / my day went: forche, oates, cisneros / panna water / pound

tues / sweatpants-grading day / try not to kill anyone, my solider

mon / fodder in her wings breaks it / notes towards grade grade grade

sun / notes towards pure exhaustion / health / back in my lil adobe / missin my ma, rouch, g / it's good to be a Packer!

sat / birthday party / lyla's two / rouch's friends are really nice / mom & i saw channing tatum's hotttness in gelson's / im knee deep in the rioja, am tired, we're gonna do a lil taroh here in a min

sat / notes toward joy / lyla g bear's bday is today / hangin w/ cita & rouch (& willow, the now fangless michi)

thurs / notes towards love / having a coke with you

wed / 3 classes / longing / music / dinner w/ deanne at b-line / writing / unit 3 planning / getting ready for LA

tues / up & happy

football sun / good to be a PACK 24 - 3 / we're now 6-0 / good thinking

sat / it's 145 degrees in tucson / braved tucson meet yourself festival / lunch at la concina with dani

fri / loooong nap / new tires / more good news from dancing girl press

thurs / too late / stuff to do / the dangers of having bill wetzel as a friend

thurs / gotta love thurs / happiness is one great bed / thanks granny!

wed / good long day / my rouch was esp into photo today / this baby grl gremlin has a birthday soon

tues / office hours / an email from mara telling me the best news in the world which is this

mon / it's good to be a Packer

football sun / pics from last nite

fri / i don't think ive ever wanted to go to sleep at 9pm before tonite

thurs / great rainy cool tucson / lurve adv poetry / lurve this me gremlin lyla-g

wed / floating about / 3 classes / a lot of folks back home don't believe there's cotton in this desert

well damn, my soul was already shining because im finally done grading / but / my day just got a whole lot better thanks to poet GEOFF OLSEN

sun / coulda slept all day / more rain / long jog / grading / it's a good day to be a packer

tucson sat / grading still / it rains / congrats to whitney & shane / newlyweds