fri / i don't think ive ever wanted to go to sleep at 9pm before tonite

long day, looooong day. quick nap, then i went to see one of my po students--ms lovely kaia chesney--play a set at plush. she's something else. meaning i adore her. i got takeout soup & removed my general exhausted grouchy self away from mankind & am about to take long bath & promptly go to bed & awake tomorrow bushy tailed.

i played matchmaker this week & hooked MM up with Rog, the astrophysicist who taught his class right after mine before i moved my class to Mines & Metallurgy--a room w/ more than a chalkboard. i think Roger is cool, am hoping tomorrow's a good blind date. love in the cooling tucson air. heehee.

joe lo comes back through tucson tomorrow. a & i are gonna 'dress up' & eat & go hear lo & st b play at the red room. what else? a bath.