mon / happy halloween ya'll / day went ouch it's morning, then gluck, oates, sedaris / marana to ride new gray pony at ralph's / must get ready to go out now!

the new BLACK WARRIOR REVIEW is out. i have 4 poems in there that i had to re-line-break just for this issue. paaaaain. AB Gorham is lovely though. and a legit poet.

Issue 38.1, Interruption
is now available! The Fall 2011 issue features work from Sarah Rose Etter, Brandon Davis Jennings, Kathleen Rooney, Derek Gromadzki, Leon Baham, Esvie Coemish, Shelly Taylor, Zachary Schomburg, Brandon Shimoda, Karen Volkman, dawn lonsinger, Christina Manweller, Afton Wilky, Joelle Biele, JP Gritton, Joy Wood, Lee Milena Goodman, JA Tyler, Elizabeth Hall, Dan George, Farid Matuk, and Allison Titus, with comics from Edgar R. McHerly and Nick St. John, and featured art by Helen Pynor.