thurs / who you are, who you are not / notes towards reconciling one's self in the big ole / grading

Big thanks to brilliant poet LAURA MAHER for rocking tonite's ADV POETRY.


[10.27.11] from Kaia's automatic exercise titled Las Palmas (w/ a drunk baby). Homage to old Jay Z & all the street names from Orange Grove to Ina on Shannon, & a nod to Eric Jackson's hookers. And something of the Beebs. It's all a bit much, yes.

blue eye in the crack of my table tomorrow--positano
veronica! greenridge interloper--baby baby, coat of yellow,
her rooster face shock--when I hit the brick new whip
latin on the hip shake fringe--money aint a--ice cream
cone abrasive, the stones of my jilting lullaby, every
flag a country punchline, I got drunk in it; cue
the spaghetti western alarma! reverb como estas, oh!
muy. te anoro! bones every cordial broken on the floor
wurlitzer organ ambassador, my floyd cramer records,
granny's fav, save the last dance for baby
baby yes--money aint a--2 cent hookers deft
angels the street wrackline, scarcely
a pivot loosed the world--positano!


yeh we're super-busy. grading.