wed / floating about / 3 classes / a lot of folks back home don't believe there's cotton in this desert

but here you go. here is the AZ cotton over my shoulder. short cotton but beautiful white cotton about to be picked.

you may not know this, but my first job ever was in cotton. I was 14 or 15 & it was during the hot Ga summer. Daddy would drop me off at Drew's early early morning & we'd get in her old mail jeep & traipse field to field checking bolls.

namely, my job was called 'scouter'--pretty much means i checked the cotton for bugs: aphids & army worms, specifically. This was back before the cotton was injected with pesticide prevention stuffs, when one had to crop dust a field. i prob got some sort of poisoning from all the fields. there was nothing glamorous about it, it was hard work.

i went to ride horses today. it was the injection of bliss it always is.