mon / thanks so much verse daily! / mine is the day's poem up at verse / twice in one week: wow!

sun / love this book / California by Jennifer Denrow

sun / put it in your calendar! / ADV PO does Casa Libre / stoked!!

sat / Bohemia/Casa Libre celebration w/ Jennifer Denrow, Selah Saterstrom, Kristi Maxwell, & musician Leila Lopez

from Horses Make a Landscape Look More Beautiful

thurs / Happy Thanksgiving Day ya'll

tues / just when i think the end of the semester cringe is gonna put me under / good news

mon / trouper / went raging temper, baldwin, not butler, freakout, david foster wallace / sauna / chinese food / bloody hell

football sun / geez / Packers off their game but stay undefeated: 35 PACK - 26 BUCS

oh my i am addicted to southern women personality in designing women / makes me miss home

sat / SICK day / missing steven salmoni's POG reading though...sad face / repercussions of throwing it in the ditch, a sign of the times

songs before bedtime

thurs / poet Mara Vahratian rocked ADV PO nite / i made a casserole

wed / good day / minot, joyce, & danah boyd's facebook privacy: huge debate, HUGE. / Benetton is at it again: get it!

tues / i'm so anti-academy it's ridiculous / but i love students & teaching / i'm thinking on gender roles / obsession with red light districts & how working girls are portrayed in film, etc

mon fun day / carver, tan, rodriguez / takeout tortilla soup / PACKERS: off to the races

sat / just getting home from a roadtrip

thurs / ADV PO day / been communicating w/ Turquoise Balloon which makes me heart warm on coldish Tus day

wed / went yip! / oates, carver, & kingsolver / bout to go to dinner w/ mija mara v / seriously want to dye my now short hair blue

tues / i'm done grading 87 essays! / life is back good again / look at this me gremlin g bear

tues / last big day of grading / waffle house here i come

mon / rainy & cold in tus / bloody hell / wrong side of bed / pot pie / pics from last nite / the PACK are 8-0

sunday music & grading & football = im in heaven / still dranking coffee & in me pjs at 215pm

Athens poetry reading pt 2

football Sun in Tucson / good to be home / All Souls Parade is tonite / then Calexico at the Rialto

wed / i got some asymmetrical bangs / athens i'm a-coming! / automatic ya'll!