thurs / ADV PO day / been communicating w/ Turquoise Balloon which makes me heart warm on coldish Tus day

back before i became an upstanding citizen i was known as "magenta moon" & in a pack of wild hippies in georgia. i had hair down my back, constant face paint, wore handmade clothes by myself & i could never sew, lived in a camper called 'dolpin' that i drove to bonnaroo, etc, & i was the best dancer by way of spinning in the southeast, or so i proclaim now upon looking back.

whitney was "silver pine" & our friend josh klemons was "turquoise balloon." i left athens after a short time & turq. balloon wrote me a song. he reminded me of this song in an email & here it is: ('throw it in a bag' was my mantra then. i had a constant fire lit under my ass.)