wed / went yip! / oates, carver, & kingsolver / bout to go to dinner w/ mija mara v / seriously want to dye my now short hair blue

i seriously think i'm meant to have blue hair in this world. i miss it. i wonder what my jobs would say.


i got some good good news today. Horse Less Press will publish my new chapbook tentatively titled 'dirt city lions.' hoping it will be ready by feb for awp. i'll be at awp in feb. i'm very, very, very excited as i LOVE Horse Less Press and Jen Tynes. thought no one would take the work as it's so content-heavy. they're essentially war poems & then some. my only reader said she felt bludgeoned after reading the poems. doesn't that sound fun? they're poems started in apr 2010 to now. they got a lot of dirty sweat in them.