FRI / ADV PO ROCKED CASA LIBRE LAST NITE / magical nite / im a proud mother hen / GRADING / RECOVERY FRI

love to my adv po class at pima nw.  they rocked the much heart, such devotion to writing--i got all emotional & overwhelmed by such po love.  relish it.  it dont happen enuf.  joe lo novelli played the astral slide whilst we mixed & mingled--thanks lolo.  thanks to kristen nelson for allowing us to use casa libre.  bout 50 folks showed up & adv po melted faces.  looking forward to spring with these guys.  bring it.

---- i was googling travis nichols the poet cause i like his naked book cover for iowa & i wanted more details & instead i found travis nichols the bklyn comic-strip badass & think thanks google, for hooking me up.  i mean, look at this dude's dance after he received his first book in the mail.  wow.  i know what im doing next time i open my new book box. ----

im kinda in love with this guy...travis nichols.