fri / STOKED to be ab done w/ my lil book

these two bunnies played a show last nite at plush.  it was stellar.  afterwards joe & i came back here & had a backyard fire in the chiminea where i read the almost finished book from start to finish.  i learned a lot of things by doing so, so all the thanks in the world to lolo for his ears.  thanks to mija mara for also helping me out with thorough notes.  i have some interior peace today that everything is going to be just fine.  

tonite is puttanesca nite at MMs.  nice!

What stood in our yard were like demons
outside of time. One had a rock in his mouth,
another a tree branch
And “each man became what he was”

We gave our meat to the meat plant
& the garden, town, village

Lifted from the mind


From above we saw:
A ruined shape
We turned to [colorless]

The sea was like the sky                        a long, long chain that tethered everything

At last, at last

To hunger and terror
Salami and buckwheat

We’ll stand between death and its shining ideals
We’ll fatten from hunger and light the whole earth
With our comrades’ debris

We’ll be grim set on living

We’ll bury the headquarters schools and the baths

And the water main

Oh strange person
Oh person in a vacuum
We with our canons and spaceships were children

Man is simply frightening

(Instead of fields) the forest rises again