THURS / it sounds like winter / winter / winter // take care of your

peacock says bon iver sounds like snow, 'i can barely listen it sounds like snow, like winter, it's painful/beautiful.

king of the everglades, population 1, i write poetry for myself, i write poetry for myself.

me & the las woke happy.  back settled in tucson & life is good.  got a jan 1 book deadline.  work!

grits & eggs breakfast of champs.  run to gym.  go, go!

it's official the neighbors are gone.  miss you gio!--but that would be it.  there's a silence now to rubio.  i watch jose my gaybor walk to the mailbox.  no high-pitched voice next door, nothing breaking, just silence.  i can write.

kaia and joe are playing the early set tonight at plush.   it's gonna be nice, i'll be there, happy.