the steady last days of 2012

last days in b-town

april's pics of bridgetown are always the best

my most fav drew krew on the volta

home, xmas eve on the nyquil

christmas eve at granny's. the whole fam is watching 'duck dynasty.' yep.

this is how we do it in south ga


first couple a days in the good ole dirty

thank you Jesus in the sky, for the PACK has just clinched the NFC NORTH Division

you and me need: to: start a: country band -abe s // i was pretty much born to do so // on did you get an interview yet???

righteous down time

Goooooo Pack go! Packers 27 vs Lions 20!

last day at the U / loosed to life again woooooohooooooo!

grading & songs & Dalva & Germans

Happy Birthday to my mans! The PACK take down the Vikings...23-14!

Drew Krewer put out another issue of ...

Ms Hill killin it in Tucs / felt like 1998 / how can I explain myself?

DD came to town / brain-fried tired out Sunday / Go Pack go!