MON / fresh week

yesterday was lovely.  up!--spring cleaning--got a washer/dryer finally, over in the neighbor's yard--ran tucson--ran the stairs at that old parking deck downtown--joe lo came over--we went to MM's for dinner--puttanesca!--DD's mom joined us, she's lovely--watching downton abbey (horrified when William died)--lo & i went out on town--there's boxcar Jesse trying to hide from my camera--to bed decent--fresh week--getting stuff done!

tomorrow i start a new class, a 14 week 102.  Jake Levine is visiting ADV PO:  yeeeee!  i'm excited in general about life.  that's always nice.  good stuff coming up.  Abe Smith will come to town this weekend.  Joe will be leaving, which will be real hard on me.  the road does beckon, it does!