THURS (FRI morn) / no matter how fast we are running, somehow we keep up with each other / war horse waaaaaa put me under / a lil bryan adams oomph to end the nite / thinking ab great kisses - in film and in real life

which also got me to thinking ab dawson's creek somehow, which prompted me to watch the season finale...the whole bloody thing (even Jen's death video--geez...)  that then got me thinking ab peacock, my high school dawson--we lived for the show every wednesday--such excitement, were/are true besties.  all this got me thinking about music.  that old school dave matthews song (yes, i know) "i'll back you up" which is really pretty great--it stretches from like 10th grade to now for me & peacock.  so i listened to that song awhile.  & then somehow i got to thinking ab bryan adams (i know).  we'll blame this nostalgic mood on War Horse.  see below.

in other news,
joe & i went to the theater tonite, we took in a lil theater by way of the tucson el con mall, if you will.  we saw War Horse & i was a major crybaby.  thanks Spielberg.

joe wrote me a lullaby today but i can't upload it on my own--yes, i am not technologically savvy--so i'll get him to do it tomorrow.  it's real purty.

i've thought a lot about why lions tonight & i got an answer from an old memory.  of course...lions.  i'll put it in a poem & post it here soon, once the thing is written out a little better.

in other news:  i got a MAJOR nice kiss last nite.  which got me to thinking about great kisses.

my favorite face in the world is below:

just in case if you don't know this ab me...i have a major guilty pleasure love-fest with bryan adams (and roxette...and ab million more cringe-worthy musics...).