TUES / work day - bohemian house work day - everybody come over and work day / bc im sick-ish i drink ginger lemon cayenne hot tea / and stay in and work day

yesterday i met up with maggie foree, one of my poetry students from 2006, now living in portland.  she's an angel & a doll & i just adore her.

after that i had dinner with poet jamison crabtree who is just pure lovely.  im trying to get him to come over & work at my house too & help me redo my cv before i send off to Visiting Writing Positions--a girl needs to look as good as she can on paper as well as in person, & i need major help on paper presenting myself.  ok!

last nite i was feeling yuck so i took the time to photograph my couch sesh with my two old girlbear las (in between a lot of bravo housewives):

yes im a crazy cat lady:  i wish i could have every cat in the world.