PICS from weekend

i was pretty mellow all in all this weekend.  thurs:  stay in & chill.  fri:  babysit eli for dani.  sat:  diff story.  full out.  decided if i  need a backup job i might could get work as a video vixen.  i'll be dancing crazy to a lil hip hop.  we ended up at the nickle bar.  today i wrote & then went to sunday din at mms, downton abbey, toast dd's smartness, cry a lil.

poet phil cordelli in pics w/ me & annie.  / annie's glow in the dark ice at the nickle bar. / my new kitten i named lefty but call pancho.  i have inside:  astrid & ingrid.  outside:  lucy, loki, lupe, & now lefty.  yip! / blueberries in alma, ga where i was born which is the blueberry capital of ga.  mamamcita took pic today.  they freeze berries to stay 32/33 degrees because outside is much colder than that & they need to sustain just at freezing.  weird.