it's friday! i have to go to work today!

thom donovan interviews CA CONRAD at

must have songs for the end of March

more LA

hey hey hey / been busy / here's some pics from auntie time in LA

rainy messy cold desert / bored desert cat 1 / bored desert cat 2

Sunday rainy Tucson

SAT is another gale day writing day

it's official / our girl matched with her first choice for residency / is moving to Martinez, Cali / residency at Contra Costa / happy bittersweet day in Tucson

yesterday / poolside / run / tapas / theater / Ed Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros / backyard talkin

thurs / off to the pool to grade / then out for theater & Edward Sharpe / below is a reading for next WEDNESDAY


write your mornings away / dear faun / pool party time at casa libre

Sunday couch time with Danielle & the las / watching Friday Night Lights / chillin


for LKL - two Maine songs - from a mixed cd made by Yusef Napora sometime back in 2002

major GALE day in Tucson / thanks to KRISTEN NELSON for rocking ADV PO yesterday

on my mind / might rain

awp chicago yall! / was freakin cold / glad to home where it's tank top weather in march

awp chicago 2012 - can i just say right here ms laura k little you were missed? yes!