my most fav drew krewer has 3 poems in Diagram / also a review of Morgan's chapbook via Flying Guillotine

Here's one of Drew's poems in the issue:

AGE 5 | FLASHDANCE (1983) | 4:19-7:27
There are men watching me. I click like a hammer. The bare light bulbs, kitchened and anonymous. Whoops my silhouette, there's a dress-off, leg off the couch caught in the eyes of men. Slither to the floor in a blur of fridge, my earrings are powerful my whole body is powerful it clicks, I touch the floor. I'm taking it off, I'm pulling the chain and it's falling and ruining the carpet. My hair is dangerous like a foot to a balloon. I am in the lights, I am human, I spin cause my mama told me not to. Spinning, almost skating I'm wetting all the men and they watch and watch between my heels my head flinging flirting almost detachable like a toy like a dream.

I love Drew Krewer's work!  We both grew up in southern Ga--like 30 miles from each other!


Thank goodness for DD.  I haven't seen anyone for like two days out of the need to burrow in grief but she popped by tonite for a glass of wine in the backyard, is always an angel.


Last week of school!  Yeeeeeeah!