oh hallo june!

one more week at agustin.  last nite was pete's last nite...sad-sad-sad.  made a lil change then went to ches. ive met some of the loveliest folks while behind the bar--everything for reason, blessed i suppose, i reckon indeed.  

i'm having a lazy sunday, so is grita & sasstrid.  if i can get the energy up ima gonna go to casa video to get true blood 4 which just came out.  love vamps & wolves sunday mmmmhmmm.

[for LKL my grlbear]

Peaches we’re moving past this place

but every time that song starts up again my body is hay hook
jerked back past Meridian where the dirt is scarlet. 

Two children, both tall & thin on the front porch leaning hard to the railing
just as somber as one more day went down—the storm I can weather—one dead

or dying tree left to the cotton field’s center:  sentimentality. 

Red heat, a dirt line slogan

grown older, both our insides hit the limit;
we were country girls, changing clothes beside the roadside getting city ready

suitcases flung out the backseat, she & I so disfigured
every girl you’ve ever been by a poolside just a-poppin it til it hurts. 

Something grown inward says relent, is given a low field, yellow chasm, the sun. 

Go on & bet the weevil on it, the horse
is pacing treads in the field, airport landing lights at dusk just behind their legs

their years’ long babies & blown apart.