recoup afternoon / soup making / wine drinking / new brewery / try a lil tenderness / c'mon

outlaw josie--my boo

thanks, Maria, for my new shorter short hairs!  wooohooo!

hallo saturday : here's a tiny recap :

wed was horses talk w/ marana team ropers / my fav ralph / dinner w/ ms annie (& scotty d my fav!) at kingfisher / fun-fun

thurs i got me hair cuts / & love it / workout thurs / writing & not eating the house down / good chill

fri i worked w/ my boss/mentor steve salmoni on his poems for a couple hrs / visited w/ mm back in town from cincy / workout! / walked w/ friend around my hood / backyard wine drinking -- here a song for my squatter meth neighbor who's fav word is bitch -- he likes to play goo goo dolls loudly from the porch / he likes to yell 'bitch' - to whom i'm unsure - this is also for my friend who admitted he likes this song - & for my sister rouch who has always loved 'the dolls' on the sly.

sat i'm making summer soup / onion garlic red pepper flakes s & p then turkey kielbasa then shitton of kale then chx stock, tomatoes, beans, later shrimp, whatev you desire / im going w/ friend to new dragoon brewery then i reckon i'll find ms c for bday wishes / whatev non-troub else ensues / love weekend / not working / being creative only / fun