grading & songs & Dalva & Germans

this might be something off the CW but i sure do like it.  to stave off absolute insanity when grading, i read books that bring me back to myself, some kind of emotional homeostasis, all i know can evade me when grading 80 seven page research essays. esp cause i tend to spend 30 mins on each essay.  OCD like a mother------.  last line of The Road Home says "I hope I am going to join my lover."  uncle JH just kills me.

there is this saw about cutting a horse's legs off to get him in a box.  the year it happened to me the moon was never quite full.  - JH admits he took from Yeats, tho how i never asked, nor do i care.  i just love it.

"to the gypsy i was" - a toast to wild ways.  so this is adulthood?

here is my German sister.  out at the White Stallion.  ms Ellie & i have known each other now for 7 yrs.  we're dranking a lil domestic brew.

how can i do this with lang?  ive been trying to figure it out since 98 i think.  do i dare gringa rap?  that's why i love joyelle mcsweeney even tho we would undoubtedly sound way diff--she has the wherewithal to not give a dang.  can you tell i've been grading seven days in a row?  yo!