this gem / how super Al Green?

what of your bike riding & tacos? // the desert is cold today, she is cold & the wind is upward from Mexico & cuts the skin // i'm going antique shopping for a little chair, amen

Tucson's own Billy Sedlmayr last nite @ Plush - best show I've seen for a long, long while -


reposted form Coldfront Mag - OPEN LETTER TO ALEXANDRA PETRI from John Deming

cold to hot has made a mesquite leaf mess of my newly manicured backyard / back to classes today

write / take care / write

cold cold cold hump day / ADV PO starts tomorrow!


Octopus 15 is out / Congrats to Joseph Mains on first issue / Season is O--VER / dang cold in the desert

my ladies

on WED i made soup - LUCKY cause i been SICK on thurs, fri, & now sat

write / clean / cook / out for wine! / this & that / these easy first weeks of 13 sans teaching

here is my best & fav poet - ABRAHAM SMITH

YES PACKERS YES! 24-10 vs Vikings. Bing!

when the desert gets cold she gets cold. im watching football & writing. i need tortilla soup, that cure all, if i could get off the couch

I'm over at The Volta in the Take Down the Clouds sec.

13: backyard fire & ponies

13: new new new new new new new

hallo 2013, mindful, sparkly, & cold in this desert sonoran. here is one of my students clarissa bueno. bill wetzel did an interview with her for op-ed news.