I'm over at THE DICTIONARY PROJECT BLOG DOT COM // the word chosen for me by Lisa O'Neill was YORE // i wrote a poem in less than 24 hrs for this NaPoMo project

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We have two days left of April and three poets’ work still to share with you for na•po•mo 2013.
Enjoy Shelly Taylor’s take on yore.

yore  (yôr),  n.  [ME., fr. yore, adv., long ago, fr. OE, gedra, fr. gear year]: time long past < in days of ~  
Na•Po•Mo The Dictionary Project:  Yore
Shelly Taylor / Apr 25, 2013
Stop the death music:  city a body
leashed a fastened quagmire:  city sky lean
back:  a wreck eschewed our righteous
inhabitants, one carousel livened your last
disposal:  wait—women weaving raffia
—their city hands tied furiously an earthen tree.
Go around the brawling in the street:
our fortunes buried post-Sherman
set the South aflame—his gods reflecting
opaque the horizon:  general gaze of
yore, its forgotten fauna:  glint in the light of fog:
never manage it:  your restless eye:  what happened then?
Shoulders back to please the ladies:  break the same
as rise:  our rooster forgetting its agrarian foothold
fenceline morning:  brown from your mama—
this black horse you will her forget about. 
Scales & carapaces:  each city
namesake, go one & believe me:  or: 
fight man’s possession:  antennae of light
—they who were happiest at one time: 
make them endure it.     

shellypicfornapomoBorn in rural southern Georgia, Shelly Taylor resides in Tucson. She is the author of Black-Eyed Heifer (Tarpaulin Sky Press: 2010) & four chapbooks: Peaches the yes-girl (Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs: 2008), Land Wide to Get a Hold Lost In (Dancing Girl Press: 2009), Dirt City Lions (Horse Less Press: 2012), & the forthcoming, The Doldrums (Goodmorning Menagerie: 2013).