this will go down on your perfect record

some velvet morning when i wake / i'm gonna open up your gate / and maybe tell you bout PHAEDRA & how she gave me light / and how she made me whole

last week of desert dwelling / granny & aunt evie visit

sunday sunday sunday

i am slowly learning to rope! it is much harder than it looks!

Lorne Green as Ben Cartwright lovin

making the most out of our last week/s of this desert town

bone marrow + mambo

i've finished my grading = i'm finished with my spr 2013 semester // one step closer to home in 2 wks // T R U T H S

Puttanesca send-off din at MMS!

oh my mama told me

Vouched Books interviewed the poet Abraham Smith for NaPoMo back a couple weeks ago // here my deer is talkin bout our Hick Poetics Lost Roads Project // you excited? we are...

adv po does borderlands brewery // a long string of hearts & bestest luck to these my poetry darlins

here we go

i teach DFW's "this is water" in 101 / one of my students from the u last semester just texted me this new video someone made of excerpts from this speech / love it / love that my students found it life-changing

end of semester...not blues...not stress...just end of the semester, you know....

students of loyola nola: i am coming your way fall 2013!

us girls went down to Sonoita to bet the ponies // stopped at our favorite Dos Cabezas for wine tasting then 6 rounds of heavy betting & races!


Thank you Nathan Hauke for giving Heifer a shout out in The Drunken Boat